Monday, August 24, 2009

I love and appreciate all these pictures..hope you too!!:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


After busying with school activities and examsss for these three months,finally we had one week of short break!!!Yahoo~hehe..everyone was really tired and now is the best time to actually let us and get back our energy to continue "fighting" after school reopen! the way,i just stopped by here and update whatever that comes up my mind since no one these are a few random pics that we had took in these 3 months:

One big gang of us with our very own Japanese friend that standing beside us!=)
Here we go for the jumping shot!!!1...2...3....JUMP!!!hehe...
Woohoo!! the way that we jumped!haha...*funny*
The happy side of us...
And of course the crazy side of us!!!haha..Although the date of SPM is coming nearer and nearer,but sometimes we also have fun and do enjoy ourselves..relax mah!!!Anyway,lets cherish every single moment that we had together because we might not be seeing or contacting each other anymore after graduate?Who knows??By the way,HAPPY HOLS GUYS!!!enjoy ya~XD

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am drinking H20

Yeap. I'm drinking H20. Right now. Yeap H20. Two atoms of hydrogen chemically bonded with one atom of oxygen. That's right. I'm drinking it.

PS :: March is coming people. Ya know holidays. When's the next sleepover ? Mother say cannot though. So how ?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009!!

Here I come again to blog!!hehe...Oh ya,Happy New Year to everyone especially this blog owners!!!hehe...Well actually it is a short post,but nvrmindlar as long as it is still alive..:P

After the clock striked at 12,a new year brings us a new aim,new hope and even new challenges!!But faced it strongly and toughly,it will totally gives you something different and awesome!!!hehe...I know all of us have a new but same aim,that is pass SPM with flying colours rite??hehe..Go Go Jia You oo!!!

Life sometimes full with ups and downs,worries,problems or even failure...But don't forget always smile or laugh to bright up all your sad days and even sometimes can bring some happiness to the people around you!!hehe...Always love and appreciate each of the people around you because they will always be the one there for you if you need them..

Last but not least,Happy New Year again!!!Lets enjoy to the maxx in this new year of 2009..may all your dreams come true and all the best in everything ya...From the me with lots of love!!haha...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!:P

Well,I will just update whatever that pop out my mind because i just don't want this blog dead..hehe...lame post also nvrmind,but at least i did update!!!hehe..By the way,now is Christmas rite??Sure everyone celebrate with family,went for countdown and receive lots of present rite??hehe...but i also dun forget to wish all the owner of this blog "MERRY CHRISTMAS"...enjoy and appreciate the day to the maxx ya!!!!muaxie...

Yeah,Christmas beautiful and nice...

Christmas is going to be the best present for children...

Cookies..My next aim to bake these in next Christmas..*wink*

Haha..another cute type of sweetss....

Last but not least,wish you guys MERRY CHRISTMAS..may all your dreams come true and all the best in everything..*Santa claus is going to gve you a present soon*!!!haha...prepare your stoking near your bed ya!!!hehe..:D

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

JoJo turns 16!!

15 October 2008
A day which is special for us as it's a special day for a special person as this special day arrives, her age gonna be another special number and mark the start of her 16th year on this special Mother Earth.
Well. As ya already know..
This special girl for us is..

Our one and only JOANNE CHONG KAR LING..
We all know
Jo is the one we can talk to..
Jo is the one we can talk crap with..
Jo is the one who we can laugh with..
Jo is the one who always be at everyone side..
Jo is the one we LOVE!!
Since she's close with everyone of us..
We know her quite well I guess..
Now let's discover the facts about this special girl..
P/S: With pics as evidence...
Well, let's start.. Pics do the talking..
#1 : She loves to camwhore.
Well, everyone knows, when there's a camera, she would be the one who playing with it and camwhore with the one beside her.. *Chii-Chaa*

#2 : She got tonnes of 'gong zai' at home..
Doggie, Cutie Bear, Barbie Dolls, Pluto, others I forgot already.. And the list will be added with some newcomers today. Which is Cowie, Reddish mushroom and others.

#3 : She loves to wear black..
Jo in Interact formal attire..

#4 : She loves to wear white too.

#5 : She's chicky and mischievious.
Did Jo look like a panda bear?

#6 : She loves to play naughty stuff with Cass..
Emm.. Notty!!

#7 : She got a really really special spectacles..
It's colourful somemore..

#8 : She's shy??
Neh Neh, this's not a fact of Jo..

#9 : She's addicted to PSP...

#10 : She loves baking too.
By the way, that's Roxanne, her lil sis.

She turns 14 2 days ago..


#11: She loves ice-cream...
Crowned as the ice-cream girl aka dear princess by ahem ahem someone.

#12 : HAMSAP!!
Yea she's one hamsap people..
Heh, pity the victim..
Let's sue Jo..

#13 : She's narcissism..
Always thought people wanna snap her picture..
LOL just kidding..

#14 : Moody at times..
But seldom lo.. We prefer a cheerful Jo horr..

#15 : She's one of the murderer during the dissection..
Cruel evil murdered!! Jail her up!!




SWEET 16!!!

Dearie JOANNE..


Monday, September 29, 2008

Attention Family~!

Attention, attention, family members.

I've invited ya'll to become authors of this blog. Meaning : ya'll can blog at this blog from your own blogger account. You don't have to login to this account, you can open your own account and blog from there straight. Isn't that much easier ? Oh by the way, only blogger/blogspot users. Hehe ^^ Don't blame me, blame blogger. :D LOL

Why am I suddenly doing this ? Simple. That's because I'm lazy. :D HAHAHA. So please go to your email and accept the invitation.

Thank you. Have fun blogging. :D

you know who :D

PS :: I don't know whether ya'll notice but I edited the bloggie a lil. MUAHAHAHA~!